About the Photographer
Ian Rogers, the photographer

As a photographer I like to think of myself as a professional amateur. I like to think I've got a good eye for lighting and composition, and I know enough about cameras to use the one that works to my strengths. I tend to let the pictures speak for themselves.

My primary area of interest is nature scenes, specifically autumn landscapes, but I've been known to take pictures of cats, horses, and the occasional whale. I don't shoot people, because it's unkind and illegal in most countries, and I don't take pictures of them very often, either. I find trees and animals and ghost towns much more interesting. Go figure.

All of the photos on this website were taken with a Canon Rebel, either the EOS Rebel 2000 or the EOS Digital Rebel XT. I use a variety of lenses, including a Sigma 70-300mm for close-ups.

If you have any questions or comments about my pictures, feel free to drop me a line at ian.rogers @ onemoreshadow.com.